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Unique biopolymer solutions designed to increase performance and improve project economics in the energy industry.
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Mining & Industrial
Tailored biopolymer solutions designed to replace or enhance traditional chemistries for the mining and industrial markets.
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Specialty Chemicals
Innovative, patented bio-based surfactants for household and personal care.
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Reducing Risk, Minimizing Environmental Footprint

Integrity BioChem’s unique solutions economically optimize chemical performance. Our biopolymers are sugar-based – derived from a naturally occurring, renewable source. These polysaccharide chemistries replace traditional products with innovative, environmentally friendly solutions.

All of our raw materials are strategically sourced in order to prevent the use of extractive and non-renewable resources. Additionally, our biopolymer products are manufactured to a zero-waste standard; all raw materials are used, reused, or recycled for other applications and products.

Integrity BioChem’s plant-based products are effective and efficient – allowing you to decrease your footprint by doing more with less. Improve your company’s carbon footprint with functionalized biopolymers.

Innovative Solutions

Integrity BioChem delivers tailored biological solutions that optimize performance, elevate environmental stewardship, and pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. With faster production cycles at larger scales and lower costs, IBC’s biobased polymers and surfactants are here to revolutionize multiple industries across the globe.

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