The most sustainable solutions don’t need to be the most expensive.

At Integrity BioChem, we believe you should be able to adopt the most effective solutions – in cost, in cost, performance, and sustainability. The faster sustainable and innovative products are adopted globally, the better it will be for the whole world.


The Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) calculates the renewable material content in a product. It’s calculated by dividing the carbons from renewable sources by the total carbons in an active ingredient. IBC is working to index all of our products according to RCI. TegraSurf™, for example, IBC’s leading bio-based surfactant, boasts an RCI of up to 90%, signifying a significant presence of carbon atoms from natural sources.


IBC is dedicated to optimizing oil production and enhancing energy efficiency. Our products are designed for targeted and specialized dosage rates, preventing excessive reagent use on job sites. This increases job efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, we develop concentrated versions of our products to reduce overland emissions.

to the Future

Our mission is to improve the world with sustainable chemistry. Our innovations group is constantly updating our products to meet environmental regulations and advancements. By incorporating bio-based surfactants into our formerly synthetic formulations, we’ve raised the RCI of our product line from 0% to 70% in some cases. Our new line of HI&I products, TegraSurf and EdenSurf are also certified USDA BioPreferred. We keep striving for excellence!


Our biopolymer products are manufactured to a zero-waste standard; all raw materials are used, reused or recycled for other applications and products. In practice, our products are low impact and don’t generate any primary or secondary waste streams.

Safer Chemistry
for Accident Prevention

Integrity Biochem prioritizes conscious decisions regarding raw material acceptance and chemical reactions. We strive for effective, non-hazardous processes that prioritize the safety of our employees and customers from the start.

Designed for
Energy Efficiency

Our blending and production processes operate at ambient temperature and surface pressure, minimizing our plant’s energy demand. This energy efficiency approach significantly reduces emissions at our facilities.


Less than 1% of the water we use is discarded as waste. The rest is recycled through our production cycle.

Combustion engine footprint is reduced by 75% when using our concentrated biopolymer technology.

We consistently monitor our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to make goals for emission reduction and a greener planet.

Safety and Performance

Our consumer products are tested via the Zein solubility test to ensure little to no irritation.

Using vegetative, raw materials allows for simple chemical reactions with no hazards to our team members during production.

Above all, we value the safety of our team members. We implement regular safety trainings and up-to-date protocols. As a result, we had zero reportable incidents in 2022.

Empowering A Greener Future
Through Bio-based Innovation

Many companies face challenging sustainability goals, aiming to eliminate harmful ingredients while maintaining product efficacy and affordability. Integrity BioChem’s patent-pending bio-based polymers and surfactants are designed to do just that – replace bad actors without compromising performance.

IBC is pioneering the transition towards a more sustainable world. Our revolutionary bio-based solutions have gained recognition for their ability to unlock the maximum potential of our job sites and projects, as well as provide cleaner options for a variety of industries.

We are a technology company at our core, but our mission is to provide unmatched technical services and expertise to our customers. In every industry we operate, we prioritize meeting the end user’s demand for products that work. Period. The rest- ensuring the products are Earth-friendly and sustainable- is what sets us apart.

The choice is an easy one. Integrity BioChem is above all, a technology company. We deliver groundbreaking biopolymer technology with limitless applications. We provide sustainable solutions for the whole world.