Integrity Bio-Chem

Creating Innovative Products 

Integrity Bio-Chem produces the next generation of high performance and cost competitive biopolymer-based products.  Along with our extensive line of products, Integrity Bio-Chem offers product development and toll manufacturing services.  Our company is committed to renewable and sustainable practices, and to the development of products designed to increase performance and add value for our customers and partners. Integrity Bio-Chem is one of the few biopolymer manufacturing companies that can manufacture biopolymer products on an industrial scale while maintaining a very precise range of product performance and quality control specifications.

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Oil & Gas


The oil and gas industry requires engineered, environmentally conscious solutions to solve the complex problems associated with efficiently producing at the lowest cost possible. Integrity Bio-Chem works hard to understand the unique needs of our customers and provides customized solutions to meet those needs. Integrity Bio-Chem has applied targeted research to develop our drilling, completion and production chemical products. Integrity Bio-Chem also specializes in developing specialized chemical solutions for our customers through a collaborative process, enabling our customers to create unique products for their internal chemical portfolios.

Clay Control / Shale Stabilization

Load Recovery / Flow Enhancer

* Winterized versions available for all products


* Winterized versions available for all products


* Winterized versions available for all products

Iron Control

Scale Inhibitors

Drilling / Lubricants

Dust Control

Paraffin and Asphaltene Control


Friction Reducers -Emulsions

Friction Reducers - Suspensions

Friction Reducer - Enhancer