EC Max is Paving the Way for Enhanced Well Conductivity

Check out the video below of Integrity BioChem’s employees hard at work creating and delivering innovative products for our customers.

IBC’s most recent innovation for the oil and gas market is EC Max, a product designed to slow proppant embedment and enhance well production by prolonging the integrity of the fracture network. EC Max is part of the next generation of completion fluid additives based on IBC’s proprietary biopolymer chemistry.

 Typical completion fluid designs consist of water/brine, polyacrylamide FR, biocide, scale inhibitor and oxidizing breakers.  However, EC Max is paving the way for a new category that encompasses fracture face preservation along with enhanced conductivity due to embedment mitigation.

 EC Max’s results speak for themselves:

  • An estimated 20-45% relative increase in permeability.

    • EC Max regain permeability results in Wolfcamp shale have shown a 42% increase in permeability. In Berea sandstone, EC Max showed a 23% increase in permeability.

  • Increased long-term production.

  • Slowing the production decline curve.

  • Minimal investment compared to return.