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SAN JOSE, CA – SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 – Integrity BioChem has launched a storefront for its biopolymer-based products on Knowde, the leading digital marketing and sales platform built for the ingredients, polymers, and chemicals industry.

Integrity BioChem’s polysaccharide chemistries are designed to replace traditional petrochemical-based products with innovative, environmentally friendly solutions, allowing companies in the cosmetics, personal care, and household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) cleaning industries to decrease their carbon footprint.

“Our mission is to provide effective, affordable, and sustainable solutions for the whole world. Our groundbreaking biopolymer technology has limitless applications. With our storefront on Knowde, we’ll be able to reach new markets and help customers innovate high-performance and sustainable products faster than ever,” said Michael Suver, Senior Vice President of Specialty Chemicals for Integrity BioChem.

With Knowde, formulators and procurement professionals can search for Integrity BioChem’s sugar-based biopolymers, which are derived from a naturally occurring, renewable source, as well as request documents, order samples, and access experts who can answer technical questions. Sign-up is always free for formulators and procurement professionals at

“Increasingly, biotechnology companies like Integrity BioChem are turning to Knowde because our platform makes it easier for them to reach and engage buyers, nurture leads, and capitalize on new business opportunities while lowering their cost of sales,” said Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer for Knowde.

Knowde offers sellers the technology they need to move online quickly to get in front of their target buyers, and advanced analytics to inform data-driven decision making. Suppliers interested in having a storefront on Knowde can contact Haas at

About Integrity Biochem

Founded in 2017, Integrity Bio-Chemicals (IBC) is a technology-driven company with a deep bench of industry experts producing next-generation modified biopolymers for the energy, mining, industrial, and household and personal care markets using renewable and sustainable practices. IBC is first-to-market with a new category of patent-pending, high-performance surfactants, created with natural sources and capable of faster production cycles at larger scales and lower costs. Our commitment to transparency and innovation brings world-class service to our customers worldwide. For more information, visit

About Knowde

Knowde is the digital customer experience platform designed specifically for the ingredient, polymer, and chemical industries. Over 8,000 of the world’s largest suppliers and distributors trust Knowde to accelerate their digital transformation and drive business growth. Knowde’s software unlocks the power of product data, allowing businesses to enable their internal teams, power their internal tools, deliver amazing customer experiences on their websites, and expand their reach by listing their products on the industry’s largest marketplace. Knowde is backed by top-tier investors, including Coatue, Sequoia Capital, Refactor Capital, Bee Partners, Cantos Ventures, Sound Ventures, TQ Ventures, K5 Global, Mantis VC, Knollwood, 8VC, and FJ Labs. For more information, visit

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