“Imposter Syndrome Is Real” With Laura Kuri Benavides, Director Of Sustainability At Integrity BioChem.

Laura Benavides is the Director of Sustainability at Integrity BioChem and Vice President of Technology at Integrity Mining and Industrial, having excelled in her career at a young age after graduating with a biochemistry degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a first-generation college graduate, with a passion for sustainability, and credits her mother’s determination for teaching her that it is possible to follow your American dream and never give up.


Laura’s career took off after excelling at Halliburton and being offered a role overseas where she found her passion for being in front of clients, presenting, and developing training.

  • First generation college graduate.
  • Was offered a overseas venture with Halliburton.
  • Hand picked by the leadership team to join Integrity Biochem in 2017.