IBC Announces First-of-its-Kind Surfactant to Improve Industrial Sustainability

Integrity BioChem today announced the release of TegraSurf, a renewable line of water-based bio-based surfactants engineered for energy, mining, agricultural, water treatment and other industrial applications. Built with sustainable vegetative materials, this first-of-its-kind technology improves the carbon footprint of production without compromising product performance.

TegraSurf functions as effectively as a synthetic (mineral oil-based) surfactant and is produced faster and at larger volumes with lower costs than other bio-based offerings in the market. TegraSurf is used in formulations to reduce or replace leading non-ionic surfactants, such as nonylphenols and alcohol ethoxylates. The product reports a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) greater than 90% and is certified Readily Biodegradable by OECD 301B protocol. TegraSurf does not exist in the environment after 90 days, which allows for safer and healthier conditions for nearby communities and enables formulators to meet industry sustainability standards.

“Each time formulators add TegraSurf to a blend, large amounts of synthetic chemistry are removed, helping manufacturers replace untold gallons of harmful products with gallons of environmentally friendly products,” said Jimmy Jett, CEO of IBC. “TegraSurf performs like a synthetic with all the environmental benefits of a bio-based surfactant – it’s a game-changer in the biochemical industry.”

“TegraSurf is a product that checks a lot of boxes for our sustainability efforts, and we’re happy to be a partner of IBC,” said Greg McKee, Director of Supply Chain at Liberty Oilfield Services.

In addition to being sustainably manufactured, TegraSurf is a more versatile and efficient product than many synthetic alternatives. With a hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) tunable from 7 to 19, TegraSurf can be used in a wide variety of applications, something bio-based surfactants do not commonly have the ability to do. This versatility, paired with its cost-effective production process, positions TegraSurf as a valuable asset at an affordable price point.

TegraSurf was engineered alongside EdenSurf, IBC’s bio-based surfactant for the personal care and household industries. The development of these two technologies reflects increasing customer demand for sustainable solutions, and IBC is proud to lead this market with its renewable innovations.

Content originally appeared on Business Wire.