IBC Acknowledged as a Leader in ESG Performance: A Proud Recipient of the Energy ESG Award

We are very excited to announce that we have been recognized as a distinguished recipient of the Energy ESG Award from Hart Energy!

This prestigious accolade celebrates IBC’s outstanding efforts in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, cementing our position as a leader in sustainable practices within the chemical industry.

ESG represents the three key pillars by which companies are evaluated in terms of their impact on society and the environment. The importance of ESG has grown significantly in recent years, as businesses and investors recognize that incorporating responsible practices not only benefits the planet and communities but also contributes to long-term profitability and stability.

Hart Energy’s annual ESG Awards utilize data analysis firm Clear Ratings to evaluate and quantify individual businesses’ endeavors to enhance their ESG performance. These awards recognize the strides made by companies in sustainable operations, local community engagement, and fostering positive workplace cultures.

IBC’s commitment to sustainable operations has been evident through our implementation of environmentally friendly practices, the reduction of our carbon footprint, and the adoption of innovative technologies that promote energy efficiency. As recipients of the Energy ESG Award, we are genuinely thrilled and honored to be recognized. The acknowledgment serves as validation of our ongoing efforts to align business practices with global sustainability goals and best industry practices.

Looking ahead, IBC is steadfast in our commitment to continue strengthening ESG performance even further. With more sustainable chemical solutions on the horizon, we’re only just getting started!

Thank you to Hart Energy, and to everyone involved, both internally and externally, in furthering the efforts of ESG and sustainability! As we chart our course into the future, we hope and expect to witness even more remarkable advancements in overall ESG initiatives, contributing to a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Thank you!