Driving Innovation and Customer Value in Energy and Chemicals with Chad Hall of Integrity BioChem

In the fast-paced world of oil and gas, one thing is crystal clear: there’s a world of difference between winning business and keeping business.

In episode 132, host Victoria Meyer invites Chad Hall, Vice President of Energy at Integrity BioChem, to discuss the critical service component that underpins the industry, where operations run 365, 24/7. Chad explains, “When a client needs something at 3 AM, it’s not up for negotiation.” Service is critical, and following through with promises is paramount.

Chad shares that winning business is just the start. To truly succeed in this competitive landscape, you need a combination of strong relationships, competitive pricing, and a commitment to delivering impeccable service.

Check out this episode where Victoria and Chad explore these vital topics and provide insights into the art of winning and keeping business.