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Driving Innovation and Customer Value in Energy and Chemicals with Chad Hall of Integrity BioChem

In the fast-paced world of oil and gas, one thing is crystal clear: there’s a world of difference between winning business and keeping business. In episode 132, host Victoria Meyer invites Chad Hall, Vice President of Energy at Integrity BioChem, to discuss the critical service component that underpins the industry, where operations run 365, 24/7. Chad […]

“Imposter Syndrome Is Real” With Laura Kuri Benavides, Director Of Sustainability At Integrity BioChem.

Laura Benavides is the Director of Sustainability at Integrity BioChem and Vice President of Technology at Integrity Mining and Industrial, having excelled in her career at a young age after graduating with a biochemistry degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a first-generation college graduate, with a passion for sustainability, and credits […]

Pushing the Drilling Fluids Envelope with Dr. Charles Landis

On today’s Drilling In-Site, episode 12, we speak with Dr. Charles Landis. He got his Ph.D. in geology from Texas Tech, and has spent much of the decades since pushing the envelope on drilling and completion fluids in and out of the oil patch. He’s currently chief technology officer for Integrity Bio-Chem, leading a mission […]

How The Chemical Industry Is Becoming Sustainable With Cameron Whaley And Michael Suver

Cameron Whaley, President of Southern Chemical & Textiles and Michael Suver, Executive Vice President of Integrity BioChem join Victoria Meyer on The Chemical Show Podcast from the recent SOCMA Specialty and Custom Chemical Show to discuss their venture in the biosurfactant market, as well as their new product, Dextera. We discuss the state of the […]

Bio-Based Chemistry: The Rise Of A Green Chemical Industry With Michael Suver

Every day, it seems that more and more things are coming out of the chemical industry. One such innovation is the development of a bio-based polymer, the functionality of which seems endless. On today’s show, Victoria Meyer interviews Michael Suver, the EVP of Integrity BioChem. Michael has over 25 years of experience at a couple […]