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Integrity BioChem is on Knowde

This article was originally published by Knowde. SAN JOSE, CA – SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 – Integrity BioChem has launched a storefront for its biopolymer-based products on Knowde, the leading digital marketing and sales platform built for the ingredients, polymers, and chemicals industry. Integrity BioChem’s polysaccharide chemistries are designed to replace traditional petrochemical-based products with innovative, […]

Molding Young Minds: How Play-Doh Cultivates a Love for Chemistry

Chemistry plays a vital role in our everyday lives. It’s the science behind the foods we eat, the materials we use, and the medicines that keep us healthy. Yet, for many, chemistry can seem daunting and abstract. However, there’s a fun and engaging way to ignite a passion for this fascinating science from an early […]

HydroExtend: Safe and Sustainable Technology for Dust Control

Dust control products can be separated into different categories: water-only, water-absorbing, petroleum-based/synthetic, and bio-based. An ideal solution for dust control, HydroExtend will also reduce maintenance and operating costs for companies, while contributing to the overall safety and environmental compliance regulations on your site. Although efficient in minimizing dust particles, some dust suppression additives can have […]