Water Extender

Dust impairs visibility on the road and feral dust can hinder the growth of crops and vegetation. HydroExtend is a natural, bio-based formulation that helps turn your water supply into an effective dust suppressant.

HydroExtend is an Engineered BioFluid (EBF™) for dust control. This sulfate- and chloride-free biopolymer product keeps unwanted particulate matter from entering air and water. Manufactured with a low carbon footprint, HydroExtend can be safely used for industrial and commercial construction sites, unpaved roads, and industrial and public sites including parks, baseball fields, outdoor storage spaces, and warehouses. In the mining industry, HydroExtend can be used on haul roads, trans-loading facilities, and mineral stockpiles to lower dust emissions, installation costs, and water consumption.

HydroExtend: Safe and Sustainable Technology for Dust Control

Dust control products can be separated into different categories: water-only, water-absorbing, petroleum-based/synthetic, and ‘bio-based’. An ideal solution for dust control, HydroExtend will also reduce maintenance and operating costs for companies, while contributing to the overall safety and environmental compliance regulations on your site.

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