Industrial Drilling

IMI has developed several solutions for your water-based muds to assist with minimizing wellbore damage and maximizing production efficiency.

Stabilize boring and drilling operations by inhibiting clay hydration and fines migration while keeping the wellbore intact.

Water-based drilling fluids serve numerous functions but problems are caused by any non-native fluid introduction to the formation, particularly during drilling, as they may be carried as migrating fines that can plug pore throats and impinge performance. Complex geologies must be addressed at the beginning of every project to minimize wellbore damage and maximize production efficiency. The IMI suite of drilling products can be used to help mitigate these issues from the start of operations.

ClayBind 2000 is a functionalized biopolymer specifically designed to control clay swelling and fines migration using a single chemical to address both functions instead of the industry standard of using two. The optimized substituents engineered on our biopolymer backbone electronically interact with clays, anchoring the molecule for the encapsulation process. Proven to be effective at low treatment concentrations, ClayBind 2000 differentiates itself with enhanced, inhibitive chemistry with finer media.

HyperGlide BT is a pipe-on-pipe lubricant designed to reduce pipe drag generated from point loading or wall contact during coiled tubing and work-over pipe movement. Designed to provide lubrication between steel surfaces, HyperGlide BT is pumped during pipe movement to allow extended horizontal depths to be achieved.

Other Technologies