BioClear Coagulants

Polymeric coagulants reduce repulsive forces via charge neutralization and bridging. The current polymer‐based technologies, however, struggle to meet the following requirements: settling time, turbidity of the recovered water, dewaterability, and solids content of the sediments. IMI has developed a line of coagulants for broad use in water treatment, water recovery, solids control, mud recycling, and tailings operations, all made with our engineered biopolymer technology.

Coagulation In High And Low Solids Environments

BioClear C is a functionalized biopolymer coagulant specifically designed to coagulate small colloidal particles in low solids applications. The electronically optimized substituents engineered on our biopolymer backbone interact with colloidal solids and allow for optimum coagulation. For the best results, BioClear C should be used in conjunction with a flocculant.

BioClear 3K is a specially formulated coagulant designed for high-solids applications. It is used when a strong coagulant is needed to neutralize the charge differences between small particles and assist in improving the flocculation process. BioClear 3K was designed for use as a coagulant to improve flocculant performance. In some cases, BioClear 3K may be used without an additional flocculant for separating water and solids.

Other Technologies