Integrity Innovations Group

The Integrity Innovations Group boasts a diverse staff of chemists, biologists, and geologists with extensive experience in Oil & Gas, Mining, and Personal Care. The team is dedicated to integrating meaningful technology to support the growing business and technical needs of our customers. We continually invest in our technology center to adequately service every industry that we encounter, and uphold all our products to the highest quality standards.

Commitment to Quality

The use of our equipment and the execution of our procedures is validated with expert training, system audits, internal standardization programs, and routine maintenance and care. We support commercial sales opportunities both with internal analytical and interpretative information, and qualified third-party lab analytical management. We perform strategic, focused product development for the Integrity Industries family of companies. We qualify all incoming raw materials for new product development, cost reduction, or product line extension. We manage demand and streamline the technical relay, resulting in improved service and support across all of the Integrity BioChem Divisions

Boundless Technical
Service in Oil And Gas

Our team of trained and multi-skilled scientists executes timely field support and oversees the deployment of our products to maximize hydrocarbon recovery with fluid solutions for unconventional and conventional plays. The IIG Tech Service Lab is committed to providing superior service quality on every project, every time. We continually invest in our technology center to custom-develop stimulation and completion chemicals to predictably interact with our customers’ rocks and fluids. With our vast experience in the industry, we also perform non-routine experiments designed to amplify performance features and reflect the unique geology and chemistry of your play

In-House Testing for
Mining & Industrial

Equipped with froth flotation and water treatment equipment on site in Cresson, TX, the IMI research team is able to run a full gamut of experiments in-house in order to properly formulate the best reagents for a variety of precious and industrial metals. Aside from R&D, we also offer technical support and services to our customers in order to magnify the performance of our products in your operations.

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Mining & Industrial

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