Integrity BioChem collaborates with customers to develop specialized chemical solutions.

Integrity BioChem provides innovative chemical solutions to improve performance and reduce costs.

The Integrity BioChem series of dual functioning products utilizes our Engineered BioFluids for chelating and maintaining reduced iron in contaminated reservoir formation waters. Our iron control products target control for specific zones enriched in dissolved iron. They react with dissolved ferrous iron in formation, flow back and produced waters to prevent ferric iron phases from precipitating in the wellbore. The products keep the iron at the molecular level, allowing it to be flushed from the reservoir without damaging permeability. The Iron Control product line consists of neat iron-control additives compatible over a broad range of pH and with the full range of Integrity BioChem completion fluid additives.

Integrity BioChem offers a selection of high-performance scale inhibitor products for oilfield applications. We use advanced polymer chemistry to achieve best-in-class performance even in the most challenging oilfield environments – high temperature, high TDS, high iron and high scaling indices. Our scale inhibitors are compatible with most oilfield chemistries.