EcoLift interacts uniquely with hydrocarbons to extract oil by using a proprietary blend of molecules powered by TegraSurf to increase resource recovery.

EcoLift is an advanced flowback surfactant system that dramatically increases hydrocarbon recovery. The unique formula is created with Integrity BioChem’s own innovative technology TegraSurf, a high-performing environmentally friendly bio-based surfactant, to increase estimated ultimate recovery.

First-generation surfactants and flow aids typically target and produce oil from the fracture network. Integrity BioChem’s EcoLift micro-emulsion flow aids are designed to access the places other surfactants cannot. Increase production from low permeability reservoirs and improve hydrocarbon recovery with this unique completion chemical solution.

Sustainability is more important than ever in the energy industry as customers demand more sustainable solutions to their problems. EcoLift answers many of these sustainability requests in the space of surfactants designed to increase production. Thanks to a large portion of the formulation being derived from naturally occurring, renewable sources, EcoLift yields more hydrocarbons while decreasing carbon intensity per barrel. EcoLift micro-emulsion flow aids have a high level of biodegradability along with a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) range 10–50% higher than traditional synthetic surfactant blends.

Unconventional liquid reservoirs are not homogenous – our surfactant system adapts to get more out of your wells.

What makes EcoLift
flow aids different?

  • Unique formulation of proprietary molecules powered by TegraSurf, with an RCI range of 11.6% to 49.6%

  • Product remains stable in reservoir

  • Economical and effective