EC Max slows proppant embedment, allowing fluid to migrate through the fracture network more efficiently and effectively.

Addressing Challenges


  • Typical completion fluid designs consist of water/brine, polyacrylamide FR, biocide, scale inhibitor and oxidizing breakers.

  • The lack of fracture face preservative creates a rapid loss of fracture conductivity in stimulated rock volume of unconventional reservoirs due to softening of the fracture face.

  • This softening increases the rate of proppant embedment.

The net result is steep decline curves and less production from these wells.


  • The next generation of completion fluid additives based on proprietary biopolymer chemistry.

  • EC Max bonds with the fracture face at the exact points where proppant embedment is most prone to occur – without altering mineral structures.

  • EC Max is designed to slow proppant embedment and allow fluid to migrate through the fracture network more efficiently.

  • Sustained, enhanced well production is created by the prolonged integrity of the fracture network.


  • An estimated 20-45% relative increase in permeability.

  • Increased long-term production.

  • Slowing the production decline curve.

  • Minimal investment compared to return.

Integrity BioChem’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles R. Landis, Ph. D.

“EC MAX is an engineered biopolymer designed to sustain fracture conductivity in unconventional reservoirs. Regain permeability test results under conditions representative of most current shale and sandstone reservoirs yield permeabilities 20-45% higher than current stimulation additives. EC MAX slows proppant embedment by almost 2x as compared to these fluids. Impact to the economics of a well are obvious but relate to slower production decline curves and higher long-term cumulative production.”