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Integrity Bio-Chem

The Mission

To create innovative products and deliver them with unrivaled customer service and support.


Integrity Bio-Chem’s base of operations is strategically located in Cresson, TX, ensuring our products are rapidly and efficiently manufactured and delivered to our customers.  By investing in a facility in Central Texas dedicated exclusively to supporting the energy and industrial markets, Integrity Bio-Chem is able to focus entirely on our mission of providing innovative chemical solutions that support our customer’s objectives of improving performance and reducing costs.


Meet The Team


Jimmy Jett

Chief Executive Officer
James “Jimmy” Jett is the Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Bio-Chem (IBC) and is a well-known pioneer in the oil and gas industry. After graduating from the University of Tulsa in 2000, Mr. Jett served as a sergeant in the United States Army while stationed in Germany. Upon returning from overseas, he quickly left his mark, growing Magnablend, a local Texas company, into an international chemical powerhouse.

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Charlie Landis, PH.D.

Dr. Charlie Landis is the Chief Technology Officer of Integrity Bio-Chem. Dr. Landis leads the product innovation and technology development for the Integrity Bio-Chem (IBC) global market development efforts. His primary efforts are to manage the product development process and opportunity-driven technical support while building a versatile technical team integrating the expertise of organic chemistry and biochemistry with oilfield geology.

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Bryce Parker

Bryce Parker is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Integrity Bio-Chem. Mr. Parker is responsible for setting sales and marketing strategies for the commercial groups while ensuring alignment with corporate initiatives. Mr. Parker also has the overall responsibility for leading and supporting a staff of business development professionals in an effort to expand Integrity Bio-Chem's product offering to the oil & gas and industrial markets. 

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Kristopher Megahan

Kristopher Megahan is the Chief Operating Officer of Integrity Bio-Chem. Mr. Megahan spent fourteen years leading chemistry, technology, engineering and business development at Magnablend Custom Chemical Blending Services. During his  time at Magnablend, he coordinated, designed and implemented most of the systems required to operate the company. He was responsible for the construction and staffing of multiple facilities, forming and leading Magnablend’s engineering department.

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Scott Schroeder

Scott Schroeder is the Chief Financial Officer of Integrity Bio-Chem. Mr. Schroeder has over 25 years’ experience providing financial, administrative, and operational support to both private and publicly traded companies across a broad range of industries.

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